English Cursus

Sessions are open to all, wether the age or breed.


The first contact allows to get to know the dog and his/her owner(s), and evaluate the relationship set up. That will allow me to understand the problems encountered and the desired education to provide.


Depending on the needs, the sessions will take place in our center, at your home, outside... Our center has an interior space to work with your dog in any weather.


The session consists of an explanation of the dog's behavior, advice on the relationship between you and your companion, and practical exercises. The session ends with some exercise to do at home.


During the exercises, the dog will be able to evolve on a course with various obstacles, in order to highlight his intelligence, his flexibility... and the confidence in his master.

If you wish, I send you a summary email of our session.


The first 6 months are crucial!

We will put in place a good education base, cleanliness, socialization, leash walking and first obedience rules.


Through an adapted learning plan, I will give you all the necessary keys for the development of your dog in your family.


No matter how old your dog is, it's never too late to do it right.

The attitude of your companion depends on how you react with him/her. Brutal methods must be banned : choke chain spike collar or electric collar are brutal, with disappointing results.


Each dog is unique. That is why we stimulate it through positive methods.

Whether you are novice or experienced, the quick adoption of good reflexes will allow you to enjoy the best of your companion.



It is not always easy to understand reasons for bad behaviors, and how to react so that it disappears.


I will ask you concrete and specific questions in order to identify the problem and act accordingly.

The aim is to allow you to take your dog wherever you want, without fear, in a mutual trust.


Untimely barking, lack of cleanliness, fearful, anxious or invasive temper, excessive agitation, aggression, excessive licking, jumping on people or objects, destruction, hyper-attachment... each problem has its solution.


visit & 1 hour session

Together, we will find the ideal companion in a shelter or to a breeder.

I will answer your questions about the arrival of your new companion in your life during a private session of information.